CIF Corporate Membership

The Construction Industry Federation (CIF) provides corporate membership to companies and organisations who are not directly involved in on site construction activity but would like to work with the majority of Irish construction companies, keep up to date with all latest construction industry developments and take advantage of the many other benefits provided by CIF membership.

For many companies and other organisations our corporate membership package offers an excellent marketing opportunity. Corporate members can communicate with the construction industry in this country on a targeted and extremely focused basis. Capturing the attention of all these construction companies would normally cost tens of thousands of euro on marketing or advertising activity - an expense that does not offer the same level of direct interaction with the Irish construction sector and is not as effective in capturing the attention of potential customers or clients.

The benefits of CIF corporate membership include:

  • Breakfast briefing opportunities – CIF Corporate Members can hold briefing or information sessions of interest for our construction sector members. These briefing sessions have been very successfully utilized by our existing corporate members to help generate business leads and create greater awareness of their company or organisation in the construction sector.
  • Several briefings are held every month by CIF corporate members, allowing them to meet with and speak directly to construction companies and construction operatives about the ways they can improve their business. The information provided is of great interest to our construction members while it allows our business members to generate potential leads and contacts within individual construction companies.
  • Targeted emails – Our corporate members can avail of the facility which allows product offers, deals or other opportunities to be emailed directly to all CIF members.
  • Networking opportunities – CIF corporate members are invited to attend a variety of different CIF briefings, events, meetings and conferences, allowing them to mix with our members and get to know important contacts throughout the industry.
  • CIF Member’s Directory Listing – The CIF Member’s Directory is produced on an annual basis and is a highly regarded, major source of information for our members. Listing all the various construction companies and corporate members who make up the CIF, all corporate members will have their details included and will receive a copy.
  • CIF Website Listing – The main source of information on the Irish construction industry on the web, the CIF website is an invaluable tool for our members, receiving thousands of hits every day. CIF Corporate Members will have their details included on the CIF member database, providing 24 hour accessibility to all CIF members.
  • Construction Magazine – The CIF, in conjunction with Foundation Media, is proud to produce and distribute Construction Magazine, the main publication for the Irish construction industry. With a readership of 7,500 this publication provides news, information and viewpoints to the entire Irish construction industry. All members and corporate members receive a free annual subscription as part of their membership package.
  • Access to CIF personnel – All members and corporate members can avail of access to the various industry experts who work for the CIF. With extensive experience of the Irish construction industry and knowledge of all the main construction companies and personnel operating in the Irish construction industry, the CIF staff provide a great source of information and industry know how to our members.
  • Access to high profile speakers – As a high profile, representative body the CIF receives countless requests every year to provide high profile speakers at conferences, briefings and other events. As corporate members of the CIF your organisation will receive priority when a speaking request is submitted.
  • Information – CIF Corporate Members receive regular updates and bulletins on all the latest developments and issues relating to the Irish construction sector and the economic conditions surrounding it.
  • Public affairs engagement – the CIF will work on behalf of all our members to help make representations to the Government, civil service and other stakeholders on issues of collective concern.
  • CIF Logo – All CIF Corporate Members have access to the CIF Corporate Member logo for use on any marketing materials they produce targeted at the construction sector.