CIF Pension Administration Services Ltd (CPAS) is a professional Pensions Administration company established in 2006. CPAS provides professional pensions administration services to the major pension schemes in the construction sector through its experienced and highly professional team of over 40 staff.


Milestone Advisory

CPAS established Milestone Advisory in 2014 to provide additional services to CPAS clients and to the broader CIF membership.  Milestone is a financial advice business, offering financial planning services and advice across a wide range of financial products.


With over 22,000 active members supported by over 2,500 participating employers, CWPS is one of the largest private sector pension schemes in Ireland. CWPS is a multi-employer  industry wide scheme, providing pensions solutions for workers in the construction industry, at a low cost to members and employers. It allows employers to provide valuable benefits to their employees with the minimum amount of fuss and overheads.


With over 3,000 active and deferred members, CERS is an award winning multi employer scheme providing pension and protection benefits to individual employers in the construction and related industries. Through its flexible structure, CERS can meet the particular needs of each Employer and Member by providing bespoke and varying pension solutions for each participating employer.


The Construction Industry Retirement Trust Scheme (CIRT) was set up on 1st March 1991. CIRT’s objective is to cater for the self-employed and for employees in non-pensionable employment within the construction and related industries.


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