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The CIF’s industrial relations and human resources management supports are grounded in industry-specific experience and expertise, and will deliver companies savings and efficiencies. Services include representation, free of charge, at the various labour relations fora, including the Labour Court, and directly on your company's behalf with trade unions. The cost of accessing these and other CIF services and supports externally would far exceed the cost of CIF membership, and the CIF’s success rate reflects its industry knowledge and know how.

“If you need representation it’s a matter of just picking up the telephone, you can come to us or we’ll go to you, no matter where you’re based”

Good industrial relations and Human Resource Management have never been more important than in the current challenging economic environment.
With an ever increasing employment and industrial relations legislation, companies must keep fully up to date and ensure that all legislative requirements are applied correctly. The consequence of not complying can be expensive and damaging.

The CIF’s Industrial Relations, Employment and Manpower Department offers a service which is based on first hand experience and knowledge of the construction industry, which is unrivalled by any commercial organisation. Companies save substantially by availing of this expertise, which is free to members.

The CIF is also uniquely positioned to advise construction companies on their Human Resource Management requirements. Your people are your most valuable resource. It’s through people that companies grow and develop their competitive edge. However, this resource must be managed correctly. The CIF knows how the industry works and offers its members practical advice on how to manage and optimise their human resources. This comprehensive service is available to all members.

The alternative to getting it right is referral to bodies such as the National Employment Rights Authority, Labour Court, Rights Commissioner Service, Equality Tribunal and the Employment

Appeals Tribunal:

If you are referred to these bodies the CIF will represent your company free of charge.

The CIF provides information, advice and support on a range of issues, including:

  • Guide to Employment Conditions in Construction
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Employment and Industrial Relations Updates
  • Up-to-date Information on New Legislation and Policies
  • Contracts of Employment – construction specific
  • Interpretation of the Registered Employment Agreement (REA)
  • Advice on Temporary Lay-offs and Redundancies
  • Negotiations with Trade Unions – the CIF will directly represent you in negotiations with Trade Unions
  • Policies and Procedures are available on
  • Bullying and Harassment
  • Disputes
  • Disciplinary Procedures
  • Grievance Handling
  • Data Protection
  • E-mail use


Representation is also provided to CIF Members at the Labour Relations Commission, Labour Court, Rights Commissioner Service, Employment Appeals and Equality Tribunals.


Training is also provided on employment/industrial relations legislation and human resource management.

“The CIF’s Industrial Relations and Employment team is highly qualified but even more than that has unrivalled experience and expertise in construction”

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