jeanette Jeanette Mair – Executive: Housing, Planning & Development

CIF analysis of current house building activity levels during the first 9 months of 2016 shows modest progress in the face of continuing acute demand. The Government has set out an ambitious target of 25,000 units per annum with current estimates of 2016 output of circa 14,000. A number of initiatives have been put in place to facilitate greater supply including the Local Infrastructure Housing Activation Fund (LIHAF) of €200million and the establishment of the Housing Delivery Office. CIF is working with the Department to ensure these initiatives have maximum impact on the delivery of quality housing.

By Aidan Byrne, Tax Partner, RSM

As we approach the publication of Budget 2017 we could be forgiven for thinking it is Groundhog Day. We are supposed to be living in the era of new politics but is seems like nothing has really changed. Everyone is queueing up to take credit for the good news in the leaked anticipated budget changes but no one seems to be stepping up to take responsibility for the less attractive elements of the budget. Meanwhile those who are outside Government have issued alternate budget measure which are aimed at securing their vote, safe in the knowledge that their plans will not be implemented.

PJ Rudden

In our latest blog piece, we have a question and answer session with Director of RPS, PJ Rudden, who says that the skills gap in the construction industry will have to be plugged over next five years if we are to meet demand.

How long have you held the position of Director at RPS?
Since 1999 (MCOS changed its name to RPS in 2002)

What are your day-to -day responsibilities?
I am responsible for overall business development and marketing in RPS and for planning and development of large infrastructure projects.

Construction Safety Week is focused on highlighting the hazards of electricity and eliminating unnecessary accidents / incidents and near misses involving electricity.

Remember: Live electrical work is specialised and should only be completed by trained personnel.

Tommy DrummAt Collen Construction Ltd, health and safety is a core value and we are delighted to support ''Construction Safety Week 2016. Positive Health & Safety is part of the Collen Construction’s daily operations and we are fully committed to reducing accidents/incidents, continually improving our overall safety performance and developing our positive safety culture, on all our of projects. We operate on the principle that 'no job is so important that it can't be done safely'.