Paul Corbet, Senior Account Manager, Integrity Software

Risk. It’s an ever-present force in the world of business, but those companies in the construction industry must manage more risk than most. It’s an industry with projects that take months or years to complete, with complex payment structures and contracts. When finishing a project, the economic situation (and the company’s finances) will be in a very different state to when the company first landed the project.

Therefore, risk management in the construction industry is a significant challenge. Thankfully, today’s construction management software and other technologies provide you with the tools to make the process somewhat easier.

Dermot CareyThe Construction Industry Federation has launched its annual construction safety week campaign today and called on all construction companies to set aside time this week to reemphasise the importance of safety to their employees with a view to further reducing workplace accidents.

The week will commence on September 12th and will see a series of week-long initiatives run across construction sites and offices nationally. The aim is to help construction companies establish a safety mindset amongst their employees. This will ultimately reduce workplace accidents and maximise the safety and well-being of their employees.

Young Social Innovators (YSI) is Ireland’s largest youth-led social innovation programme. Targeting young people in second level education, YSI programmes support them and their educators to develop innovative solutions to tackle social issues in their communities and wider society.

Social innovation is “the practice of using creativity to develop solutions which improve the wellbeing of people and society” Young Social Innovators
In order to tackle today’s societal issues, it is essential to think creatively. Social innovation is a process that can help us to address local, national and global challenges such as inequality, poverty, climate change, racism, unemployment, suicide, mass migration, integration, loneliness amongst others. Young Social Innovators recognises that young people have the potential to solve issues in an innovative way, and to contribute to society when given the opportunity.

RobertButler1Robert Butler, head of learning and development

We all need to be sure to not fall into the trap of providing training to simply deliver information. If you want to see real behaviour change and improved employee performance make sure your training providers adopt some of the following innovations to engage learners; the first step leading to true behaviour change.

jeanette1Jeanette Mair, Housing, Planning & Development Executive CIF

The Government’s Action Plan on housing “Rebuilding Ireland” was launched on 19th July 2016. It is hugely ambitious envisaging an output level of over 25,000 units per annum between 2017 – 2021. The plan addresses issues relating to the planning, infrastructure and development/construction of new housing developments. However, its success also depends on the inclusion of measures to support the first time buyer in Budget 2017 and the results of the review of the Central Bank’s mortgage rules.