Mark Lohan, BrooksThere are not many Irish businesses that can rival Brooks’ long trading history. Managing Director Mark Lohan tells us how the well-known building suppliers, which has links back to the late 1700s, maintains its reputation for quality and excellence, while constantly striving to stay ahead of the game.

Brooks has been something of an institution in the Irish construction industry since its inception in the late 1700’s, beloved by builders of all sizes for its varied product offering and expert advice.

EoinOne of the major challenges facing the construction industry over the next three years is the lack of skilled personnel available to complete the regeneration of Ireland’s built landscape.

There is an estimated shortage of 112,000 people in the industry, with a shortage of experienced architects and engineers at all levels.

As well as engineers and architects, skilled craftspeople are desperately needed – the number of skilled craftspeople working in Ireland in 2015 was 48,900, but an additional 36,000 skilled craftspeople (including apprentices) will be needed by 2020. See DKM report.

For February and March, CIF will be running a series of interviews with returned emigrants who have come home to work in the industry in Ireland – why they left, why they came home and their hopes and fears for the future. Through this we hope to give insight into the expectations they have about working in Ireland, what motivated them to return home, and discover what Ireland and the construction industry can do to attract valuable personnel back to Ireland.

Over 100 men and women attended the Construction Industry Federation’s (CIF) Breakfast Briefing on Increasing Female Participation in Construction this morning.

FlynnPaul Flynn, Commercial Director at Lincoln recruitment sits down with CIF and talks jobs in Ireland, opportunities with the help of Lincoln and upon returning home as well as the GAA Talent Referral Scheme that allows Irish emigrants to leave their legacy abroad after returning home to Ireland.

Donnybrook’s beloved Beaver Row Footbridge returned to use in 2015 thanks to an intricate job by Clonmel Enterprises.

The footbridge, which connects Beaver Row to Brookvale Road in Donnybrook, Dublin was constructed circa 1880 and is considered a landmark of Donnybrook.