CIF members help shape the economic, legislative and regulatory environment impacting the construction industry. Membership of the CIF gives you the opportunity to be part of the solutions for you industry – if you are not in, your voice cannot be heard.

A central element of the CIF’s work is facilitating members, through their Branches and Associations, to effect positive change to the economic, legislative, regulatory and contractual environment for construction, and to articulate the economic logic and overwhelming case for investment in infrastructure directly by the State and through mechanisms that enhance private sector investment, both indigenously and through FDI.

The CIF has a demonstrable track record in achieving on behalf of the industry and a critical role to play in communicating the policies and actions required to bring stability to the sector, improved employment prospects in construction and across the wider economy, and the advancement of public policy objectives related to ‘smart’, ‘sustainable’ and ‘competitive’ economic growth for Ireland.

CIF representation happens locally, nationally and internationally.

Nationally, the CIF operates a number of Policy Committees, responsible for formulating and articulating policies on behalf of the wider construction industry.