10 Reasons to attend the Procurement Conference

03 Nov 2014

CIF Procurement Conference



10 reasons why you should attend the CIF Procurement Conference

The CIF is running a Procurement Conference on Thursday 6th November in the Hodson Bay Hotel, Athlone. 

Here are some of the reasons why construction company personnel should consider attending.

1. Find out how SMEs can start winning procurement contracts

One of the main reasons for holding this conference is to provide additional information to SME construction companies about how they can win procurement contracts.  There has been a growing perception in recent years that the procurement process is stacked against SME sized companies in favour of larger firms.  During the course of this conference you will hear about how some SMEs are winning procurement contracts and learn how other SMEs can be successful in future tenders. 

2. Hear from the top experts on procurement

There’s never been as many top class procurement speakers in the one location.  The people who are driving and implementing construction policy will be those speaking at this conference.  There has never been a better opportunity to hear from those at the cutting edge of procurement policy. 

3. Hear from the decision makers

These people don’t just set the policy – they also are the key people involved in guiding the procurement process.  If you’ve ever been involved in a pitch for a procurement contract and wanted to get an insight into what the men and women on the other side of the tender were thinking – then this is your chance.  You’ll also have the opportunity to talk to these people in person if you have any particular points you’d like to raise. 

4. Learn more about eTendering

The team from eTendering will also have a stand at the conference.  They will supply further information about the eTendering process, explaining how to get more from the service.  They will explain how to use the eTendering website and provide a better understanding about all the features provided.  They will also be able to answer any questions you may have about any element of eTendering.  

5. To learn about short and medium term demand

One of the key benefits from this event is that those interested in procurement will have a much clearer picture as to what type of projects are coming down the line.  We all know what has been promised in broad terms and there is some awareness of the level of funding that has been allocated to certain projects.  This conference will go further.  The speakers will provide more practical details about what construction companies can expect to see go to tender in the near future as well as what projects are still a few years away. 

6. Learn about resources available to assist you

There are a wide range of services and advice available to those who are interested in procurement.  Attendees will be able to find out more information about what these services offer, how they can save your company time and money and how you can go about making use of these services.  Information about the CIF’s procurement advice service will also be provided. 

7. Find out about procurement regulation

As anyone who is involved in procurement knows, the process is constantly changing – making it exceptionally difficult to fully understand all the various rules and regulations.  During the course of this conference the nitty gritty involved in procurement will be fully explained, helping those at the conference to know how they can negotiate their ways through the procurement process. 

8. Meet other people and organisations who are facing the same problems.

All those in attendance will be people with a vested interested in construction procurement.  During the course of the conference you will get to hear about the issues that are impacting other similar construction companies.  You will also get a better grasp of how your peers are tackling the same challenges your company faces. 

9. Gain insight into the training services available

The CIF will be providing information and answering questions about the training courses that are provided to help with the procurement process.  These can be a key part of the qualification criteria and help set some construction companies apart from the competition. 

10.  Networking

With well over 120 attendees already confirmed for the conference, this will be the largest gathering of construction company personnel to take place in the region.  Those attending will have the opportunity to network with other construction companies from throughout the West, the Midlands and Border counties.  They will be able to develop new contacts, potentially leading to extra business opportunities in the future. 

Only a limited number of places are still available for the conference.  If you’re interested in attending please book your place by contact Brid Cody by emailing [email protected] or by calling 091 502680.

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