Construction industry sees surge in employment according to latest CSO figures

19 Nov 2015

Construction industry sees surge in employment according to latest CSO figures

17th November 2015

The Construction Industry Federation (CIF) has welcomed the latest figures from the Central Statistics office, released today, which indicate a surge in employment for the sector. The industry has seen a 13.3% increase year on year for Q3 2015, bringing the total number of people employed in the sector now to 127,400.

CIF director General Tom Parlon stated: “While this figure is still below the peak employment seen by our industry of 273,900 in 2007, we are delighted that employment continues to rise. Last year 45% of all additional jobs created in the Irish economy came directly from the construction industry. We aim to increase this amount as much as possible, and provide a wealth of job opportunities for new graduates, apprentices, and construction workers who have now made the choice to return home due to the upturn in the economy. We want people to know that the construction industry is open for business and is a major contributor to jobs in Ireland.”

“In a sure sign that our industry is well in recovery mode, the number of students who applied for construction related courses in this year’s CAO applications rose significantly. Applications for architectural honours degree courses (Level 8) surged by 15%, and other construction and property related courses saw a growth in applications of 14%. So it’s essential that our industry meets the challenge of providing these graduates with high quality employment opportunities and to make young people aware that construction related courses provide a passport to a great career.”


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