A Roadmap for BIM. What are the top three priorities BIM should deliver?

18 Jul 2016

SeanDowney1Sean Downey, Director of Specialist Contracting Construction Industry Federation

As we move towards the end of this year a challenge has been set for the new National BIM Council to develop a high level strategic roadmap that will guide Ireland’s Construction Industry and enable it to transition towards a digital economy that is not only fit for purpose but also setting the standard internationally.

 As a small open economy we are exposed to unforeseen risks that challenge established principles, but also as one of the most dynamic, flexible nations on earth with an appetite for a challenge, we have some significant opportunities.

As a member of the National BIM Council I have been asked to present to my fellow members of the Board next week;

What does industry want from BIM; what will define success?

Some of the ideas floated include, long term sustainability, cooperative working, supporting the transient nature of our industry and its people, a less contractual environment, dealing with skills shortages and possibly facilitating life long professional development

Your challenge is to tell me your top 3 priorities that you feel BIM should deliver for Ireland’s Construction Industry, let’s say by 2021.

Answers on an email to [email protected], postcard to Construction House, Dublin – D06 C6T2, or by tweet to @CIFSeanDowney.

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