Walls construction Health and Safety Blog

23 Aug 2016

Frank Kelly, Construction Director, Walls Construction

At Walls Construction, we take accident and incident prevention seriously. Maintaining our safety culture requires the commitment of management and staff, subcontractors and other third parties and is a continuous process. Our OHSAS 18001 health and safety management system sets out the minimum standards to be followed on our construction projects to assist with the prevention of workplace accidents and incidents and our approach to managing safety demands the full-time application of these procedures and standards.


We will fully embrace Construction Safety Week and use it in a highly interactive way to raise our level of health and safety compliance. This will happen through focused interaction with our supply chain partners so as to engage them in a meaningful way and will involve the use of interactive stand-downs, health and safety workshops on hot issues and accident trend areas, together with a high impact poster campaign to encourage personnel to think about the consequences of unsafe acts.

Our objective is to promote ownership of health and safety and take our partners on a journey with us. We want individuals to challenge unsafe acts and to be comfortable raising health and safety issues, be it with their own employer or with Walls Construction management teams. We have developed our own behavioural safety training programme that aims to break down some of the barriers to full engagement in health and safety. Finally, we want all our supply chain partners to be willing and effective participants in our journey to zero accidents; where everyone working on a Walls Construction Project Arrives Safe, Works Safe and Leaves Safe.

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