Health and Safety Authority supporting Safety Week

31 Aug 2016

As Chief Executive of the Health and Safety Authority, I welcome the initiative of the construction industry in its promotion of Construction Safety Week from September 12th – 16th.

The sector is of huge importance to the Irish economy but it is also a hazardous industry which requires continuous risk management. The Authority will support Construction Safety Week through a number of initiatives. Our inspectors will work closely with contractors that week while carrying out an enhanced inspection campaign and we will also amplify the message through targeted awareness raising campaigns.


We call on all construction employers – large, small and the self-employed – to use this week as an opportunity to prioritise worker safety and health and to run an initiative that supports a positive safety culture.

While not wanting to dwell on statistics, it is important to remember that 11 people lost their lives in the construction industry in 2015 with many more suffering life changing injuries, a high proportion being in the self-employed or small enterprise section of the industry.

The industry is expanding again and this brings new challenges, one of them being the management of safety and health issues. This week allows an industry-wide focus and we look forward to working with all participants to make it successful.

Martin O’ Halloran
Chief Executive
Health and Safety Authority

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