Collen Construction LTD – Safety Vision

06 Sep 2016

Tommy DrummAt Collen Construction Ltd, health and safety is a core value and we are delighted to support ”Construction Safety Week 2016. Positive Health & Safety is part of the Collen Construction’s daily operations and we are fully committed to reducing accidents/incidents, continually improving our overall safety performance and developing our positive safety culture, on all our of projects. We operate on the principle that ‘no job is so important that it can’t be done safely’.

Research has shown to achieve a world class safety programme there are four pillars that, if performed to their optimum lead to better safety outcomes. The pillars are:

 – Leadership and engagement

 – Safety Management Systems

 – Risk Reduction

 – Performance Measurement

While each pillar is significant in its own right, Collen have found leadership and engagement to be the most crucial. We have invested time and resources in creating a strong proactive culture incorporating safety and health, environmental and quality initiatives. Consequently, we have seen improved behaviours, a reduction in accidents/incidents and better worker moral.

As an industry we have a social responsibility, which includes an obligation to prevent people being harmed and if we behave fairly towards our workers and through public interfaces, we will secure respect from the community in which we operate, building trust on all fronts.

A good reputation is built on reliability, trust, customer focus and leadership. Our industry’s fundamental objective must be to ensure that the safety, health and welfare of our workers is a central part of doing business, we want everybody to ‘return home safely at the end of every day’.

In this frame of mind, I call on all working in this industry, to engage with Construction Safety Week and drive home this positive safety message. Collen Construction will have a comprehensive series of activities this week to highlight out commitment to safety of our workers, sub-contractors and all who interact with our operations.

I encourage you to visit the Construction Industry Federation’s webpage . There is an opportunity for companies to become a partner to the week and to upload what activities they will run to further our strive for a better industry.

My message is – Get Involved!!!

Tommy Drumm

CEO Collen Construction Limited

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