CIF Director General: CAO applicants why not consider Construction?

25 Jan 2017

CIF Director General: School leavers, the Irish Construction Industry needs you !

The construction sector is facing a sustained period of growth and is expected to grow by 33% up to 2020. Modern construction activity, internationally focused companies and increasing salary levels mean there has never been a more rewarding or more interesting time to pursue a career in construction.

CIF Director General, Tom Parlon, is encouraging secondary level students – and school leavers in particular- to consider a career in construction.

“Over the next three years, we will need 112,000 additional workers to meet the increasing demands in house-building, specialist building and infrastructure. The overall outlook for the construction industry is very positive. However, firms from all sectors are reporting shortages of both experienced staff and apprentices this year. As a result, demand for employees in trades and across construction is growing as we face an estimated €19 billion of activity in the 2017 pipeline.”

“We need young people, who are interested in the many career options in construction, to know that the industry is viable and innovative, as they will have a vital role to play in constructing Ireland into the future. A career in construction is also now a truly global choice. It opens up an entire world of opportunity for young people and equips them with easily transferable skills and knowledge, which can bring them to wherever they wish to go. A significant cohort of Irish companies is shaping the future of countries like Dubai, Canada, the UK and Australia by delivering major infrastructure projects that are transforming economies and the lives of people living in these countries.”

The CIF recently established to connect young people, who are looking for apprenticeships, with Ireland’s leading construction companies.

“An estimated 2000 new apprentices started in 2016 and the construction industry is committed to increasing this number to an annual sign up rate of 4,000. The construction industry needs young people to drive it forward and it can provide huge opportunities, whatever path they take. The apprenticeship route, for example, is a viable option for many who might never apply to third-level. Similarly, the CIF would like to see the number of CAO applicants for construction related courses increasing this year once again, building on last year’s sizable boost.”

“There is growing demand for a huge variety of construction-related roles; from engineers, quantity surveyors and architects, to plasters, bricklayers, electricians, plumbers and beyond. In fact, this demand is so strong for these roles that many Irish construction firms are now calling for members of the diaspora with relevant expertise to return home – a phenomenon we are witnessing first hand through our new jobs”

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