Corporate Member Feature: Bright ideas from Eaton in Ireland

Eaton As Ireland builds for the future, Eaton Group is helping commercial property developers, owners and managers ensure the highest standards of safety, efficiency and sustainability. The $20 billion power management company, which has its headquarters in Pembroke Road, Dublin, and a warehouse and distribution operation in Maynooth, recognises that a building and its infrastructure are the foundation of any business. From medium and low voltage switchgear and uninterruptible power supplies to mains lighting, the right technologies and services are integral to the protection of people, assets and productivity.

The buildings sector is a challenging environment with numerous responsibilities attached to it,” says Phil Kane, country manager for Eaton. “Obviously there’s a fundamental need to keep the occupants of a building safe, whether they are staff, visitors or guests. However, allied to that is the requirement to make best possible use of space, increase energy efficiency, maximise productivity and uphold the reputation of the organisation by ensuring operational continuity. Eaton has the equipment and expertise to support that, from the earliest design phase to the ongoing maintenance and improvement of the building throughout its life.

The sheer scale of the Eaton Group is eye-watering, the company had global 2016 sales of $19.7 billion, employs approximately 95,000 people and sells products to customers in more than 175 countries.

Eaton serves a range of sectors, not only in construction and building management, but many other industries including automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, industrial, oil and gas, railway, data centres, IT, machine-building and energy.

Every day, some of the best-known companies turn to Eaton to address their most critical power management challenges,” Phil Kane says. “We relish these challenges because at Eaton, we’re always looking for new ways to deliver value in the products, services and solutions that are most important to our customers’ success.

Eaton’s history in Ireland stretches back to 1989, when Transmould, a subsidiary of Menvier Swain Group, established itself here. Following a series of acquisitions, including Cooper Industries in 2012, Eaton now offers a vast range of electrical systems and is well known for the CEAG, Menvier and MEM product lines, as well as the Moeller, Crouse-Hinds and Holec series.

In Ireland, there has been a strong focus on engagement with consultants to ensure Eaton is considered during the specification process, while an ongoing programme of continuing professional development (CPD) courses provide installers with the most up-to-date technical knowledge.

Addressing and mitigating risks is a core strength of Eaton. For example, the threat to safety that can arise from fire, terrorism, crime, extreme weather or civil unrest, makes evacuation planning a necessity. Among Eaton’s class-leading portfolio of life safety products is an extensive range of emergency lighting, which are crucial in enabling occupants to safely evacuate from a building. Emergency lighting operates alongside our fire detection and alarm/communication systems, to provide a high level of protection. The installation of such technologies is not only a moral and legal obligation but can aid the continuity, reputation and profitability of the business.

Another imperative for buildings is the protection of power supplies. Energy management is a crucial consideration for buildings of all types, from leisure facilities to hospitals. In Ireland, Eaton has recently supplied uninterruptible power supply (UPS) devices for large offices, data centres, hospitals and manufacturing plants. These are part of a wider offering of medium-voltage and low-voltage electrical mains distribution systems, including xEnergy, MODAN and CXH, which strengthen resilience, as well as safety.

An emerging strategy for increased energy independence, control, reliability and efficiency is energy storage. In this area, Eaton has partnered with automotive giant Nissan to develop Storage Buildings, an accessible energy storage solution for all building types. This enables users to store energy, either in periods where low tariffs apply or from renewable sources such as solar panels, and use it when and where it is needed most.

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