Project Feature: ACB Roofing leads the way with Liffey Valley Extension

20 Mar 2017

ACB Roofing took a lead role in the recent extension of one of Ireland’s busiest shopping centres, Liffey Valley.

This Design and Build project saw ACB Roofing assume a lead role in co-ordination and delivery of specialist design input required for the completion of this complex extension.

The new €26 million development was undertaken in order to add 10,500 m² of shopping and retail area, including six new restaurants over three new floors.

ACB Roofing LTD were the external Envelope Contractor nominated by John Sisk & Sons for the project, which was designed by HJL Architects.

“Our Scope of works included further developing a design Intent alongside the projects Architects, Engineers and John Sisk on the Alucobond Rainscreen Façade, Kingspan Architectural Wall Cladding, Paralon Roof waterproofing Systems and Fire Barriers all to be installed achieving a strict air tightness value,” ACB Roofing Director Georgina Quigley said.

“These works were in close co-ordination with the glazing and steel works contractors to ensure all parties designs were fully aligned for a seamless construction. Designing interfaces between structural steel, glazing, Emalit glass and secondary steel, insulation, fire barriers with Alucobond cladding and Paralon warm roof built up systems whilst achieving air tightness and U-Value calculations as per project specification, demanding dedicated and professional design input collaboration.”

By its very nature, this project posed a number of challenges, not least the tight timeframe and almost constant nearby presence of shoppers and staff.

“These external facade works were carried out on a live building, one of Ireland’s busiest shopping centres, where very significant consideration was given through design for business as usual and the public’s safety,” Georgina Quigley explained. “At our peak times we would have had in excess of 30 people onsite. So the program on this project was extremely important and ensuring the most important dates were being met. For example, we needed to allow the VUE cinema open its doors as scheduled along with ensuring Penneys was operational for the Christmas shopping rush, bearing in mind that we were the water proofing installation contractors and had to complete our works to allow internal finishing commence.”

“Being a Design and Build project, one of our main challenges became design, keeping abreast of design requirements and value engineering,” Georgina Quigley added. “As a large portion of the works were about tying in with the existing shopping centre building, huge consideration was given to the complex design requirements that developed through the construction phase of the contract.”

ACB Roofing’s Liffey Valley Shopping Centre project commenced in March 2015 and was completed in July 2016.

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