Corporate Partner Focus: Integrity Software

12 Sep 2017

Integrity Software is a leader in the provision of job costing, financial and business management solutions to the Construction industry.

One of the greatest challenges for many companies in the construction sector is the disjointed nature of their internal systems. Traditionally, as the business has developed, each company has implemented a separate system at different stages to service the requirements of each separate department, whether that is the accounts and payroll department, team of QS’s or contracts managers to site managers and foremen.

As Ireland’s construction industry moves into a new era of growth, many companies have realised the importance of having a software provider that can offer them one single business management solution that can pull all their information, workflow and processes together into one system.

For over 30 years, Integrity Software (part of the global JDM Technology Group) has specialised in providing fully integrated accounting, job costing and payroll software, specifically for the construction industry in Ireland and the UK.  Since its beginnings in 1983 as Computer Foundation Ltd, Integrity Software has grown its customer base organically and through acquisition of other construction software providers to strengthen its market position and suite of software products.

Integrity Software is used by some of the leading names in the Irish Construction sector including contractors, engineering, home building and property development, to manage their financial accounting, subcontractors and RCT and all operational aspects of their businesses.

“One of the most important attributes of the company is that we also service the much larger UK construction sector,” said Sophie Hurst, Managing Director. “Our position as one of the market leading companies in the UK has helped us to the forefront of technology development, even throughout the economic downturn in Ireland.”

“Integrity Software’s greatest success over the years has been our investment programme in our product development and our people, this allows us to offer all our clients a roadmap for their system into the future as new requirements and needs emerge. Our software is designed to give each company access to accurate live financial and operational information on each contract throughout their organisation from one single solution”.

As well as Integrity Software’s core Evolution suite of solutions, the company launched a web-based platform last year, offering clients advanced business analytics, reporting and applications that can be used on mobile devices.

Examples of these innovative tech tools include the company’s recently launched mobile Purchase Order and GRN Apps, which have helped many companies improve efficiency and reduce time processing orders and deliveries. Other web based applications include Document Management, Works Orders and Engineer scheduling, Human Resources and Timesheet & Expenses management.

“As companies are coming out of the downturn, during which there had been little investment in software and I.T., there is now a realisation that the need to improve their software infrastructure is vital to the success and growth of the business,” Paul Corbet, Senior Account Manager explained.

“In the last few years, Integrity Software has witnessed a huge shift in the approach towards technology in the construction sector and many companies are now embracing new systems that will deliver more efficiency and greater visibility and control over contract costs.”

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