Construction Safety Week – Plant and Machinery Safety

24 Oct 2017

Hello and welcome to Day 2 of Construction Safety Week

I hope you’ve had a safe first day of Construction Safety Week.

So far, the response from the industry has been huge. Companies are sending us images and videos of their activities that we are then highlighting on our social media.

On to Day 2 – Our theme today is Plant and Machinery Safety

After falls, the most common cause of fatal or serious accidents in the construction industry are incidents with mobile plant and equipment.

Two of the five fatalities so far in 2017 involved mobile plant.

Here are some tips for maintaining site safety in relation to plant and machinery. 

  • Training, training and more training: is the operator trained to operate the piece of plant they are in control of?
  • Maintenance: Is the machine in good working order and certified (lifting equipment)
  • Can you see & be seen: Drivers, have you good visibility around your machine? Can pedestrians see you or are you obscured?

The guiding principles for safety around this type of equipment are:

  • Segregate vehicles from pedestrians
  • Train staff to use the machines competently
  • Regularly inspect, service and maintain equipment Consider the following points when operating the following specific machinery
  • Excavators: exclusion zones, clearance, visibility, and the need for a signaller
  • Telescopic handlers: visibility (forward and rear), loading capacity, ground conditions and speed
  • Mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs): confined overhead working, ground conditions, outriggers, guardrails, falling objects, weather, handling materials and nearby hazards
  • Dumpers: Consider overturning and collision Check out these really helpful infographics on ‘safe zones’ for machinery on site.


Keep Safe

Check out these really helpful infographics on ‘safe zones’ for machinery on site.

Download Infographics

Thank you to Dublin Airport Authority for sharing their “People Plant Interface – Do you know your safe zones?” infographics


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