Blog: We must reflect on how our sector has changed since Constructing the Team was published.

13 Nov 2017

Sean Downey

Sean Downey, Director, Specialist Contracting reflects on the passing of Sir Michael Latham

It is with regret that we belatedly note the passing of Sir. Michael Latham.

A servant to the sector in the UK there are many parallels to be drawn with his seminal assessment on the UK Construction Industry of 1994.

With the death of Sir. Michael Latham is it now appropriate for Ireland’s industry to also reflect on how our own sector has changed in the time between ‘Constructing the Team’ and now.

CIF are working towards evidence based research in this specific area that will no doubt present the flaws that inhibit sustainable growth for our industry. Perhaps we can also, in partnership with other industry stakeholders, prescribe solutions that will allow us to build resilience for the inevitable industrial cycles that lie ahead.


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