Blog: “What does 2018 hold for the Construction Industry in the South?”

21 Nov 2017

Chairman of the Cork House Builders, Michael O’Sullivan Greene, looks ahead to the Construction and Development opportunities expected in the region in 2018.

On Thursday 30th November the House Builders Section of CIF Cork Branch will host a business breakfast about Construction and Development opportunities in the Region for 2018.

With activity picking up on the region, the briefing will be of interest to members across all sectors in the Cork Region as the industry begins to prepare for a busy year in 2018.

Many new projects have commenced in the Region and many more are at various stages of the planning and design process, so the industry in Cork is looking ahead with increased optimism.

The guest speaker at the event will be Frank Ryan, Director, Cushman & Wakefield, Cork who will update members on prospects for the industry in the commercial and residential sector.

It will be interesting to get Frank Ryan’s perspective on the outlook for the industry into 2018.

Frank has a deep insight not only into the construction sector, but also on the views of our industry’s many clients and investors, as well as his very broad range of experience.

Over the last number of months, a significant number of large scale projects have commenced across the industrial and commercial sectors in particular. Projects such as Johnson & Johnson, MSD, BioMarin, Eli Lilly, Hovion and GE Healthcare in the bio-pharma sector, will provide a much-needed boost to the construction sector in the Region over the next number of years.

Office projects such as Navigation House, Camden Quay and South Mall have also commenced construction, as well as a number of student apartment complexes, hotels and healthcare projects in the Bon Secour and CUH.

All of these inward investment projects create many new jobs. However, we need to ensure this inward investment continues by building the residential accommodation necessary to sustain it.

Frank Ryan’s insight into this sector and in particular, the viability of residential projects, will be very informative as this remains a key concern amongst members and is currently impacting on all aspects of the construction sector.

While the industry continues to construct the offices and the plants that people work in, and the roads and railway lines that people use to get to work, we also need to ensure that we provide the residential accommodation that these workers will live in.

This business breakfast on Thursday 30th November will address a number of very important issues in relation to the commercial and housing markets in Cork including: the importance of new Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), new global influences, new market competitors, the growing importance of the City Centre, the role for local developers/builders, the cost of land, the housing crisis and the viability of construction.

Michael O’Sullivan Greene, Chairman of the Cork House Builders.


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