CIF Safety Focus: Safe Home for Christmas from Collen

06 Dec 2017

Collen Safety Manager, Joe O’Dwyer outlines Collen’s December Safety Initiative

As part of Collen’s continuous commitment to preventing accidents/incidents and improving the overall safety performance on our sites, our safety initiative again this December is, ‘Safe Home for Christmas.’

Promoting safe behavior at work is a critical part of the management of health and safety. The objective of the Safe Home for Christmas campaign is to remind our workers to be ‘Mindful’ when undertaking their daily tasks and by adhering to safe working procedures, they will greatly reduce the likelihood of incurring an injury on site.

December is typically a month where people may socialize during the working week and we should be vigilant to ensure that they are fit to undertake their daily tasks, in particular plant/machine operators/crane operators etc.

 Statistically, the run up to a holiday period is a high-risk time as people are often distracted as they look forward to the break and may often rush to get their tasks completed, so that they can finish-up earlier. Likewise, the days after a holiday period are another high-risk time, as it can take people a few days to readjust and get back into their working routine and during this timeframe they are more susceptible to getting injured.

The initiatives we are introducing as part of our campaign are as follows and must be implemented on all sites;

  • Behavioral Based Safety Poster promoting our ‘Safe Home for Christmas’ campaign and incorporating our recent Mindfulness Initiative to be displayed on all sites– refer to the attached
  • Safety Presentation aimed at improving overall safety performance to be given to all of our workers
  • Weekly Toolbox-Talks to be completed
  • Every Friday a 1 Hour Safety Stand-down to include all contractors to be completed, to ensure sites are left in a clean and tidy manner.

To ensure the success of this initiative, we have asked that Collen workers engage with our sub-contractors to ensure their support as they are critical in helping us achieve our goal of getting everyone working on our sites, home safe for Christmas.

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