CIF Corporate Partner Focus: Dillon Productions

With over 15 years’ experience working closely with construction companies in the UK and Ireland Dillon Productions have developed a unique expertise.

Dillon Productions specialises in the production of on-line video based Health, Safety and Well Being training for contractors and employees.

With a background in TV Production, Dillon Production’s core business is the production and hosting of unique video interactive e-learning training courses. The company is over 20 years old and have been producing video based Health, Safety and Wellbeing in the work place training material for many years. The business started with videos moving to DVD’s and ultimately to an online platform as technology changed over time.

Dillon Production’s clients span the Construction, Health, FMCG, Oil & Gas, Pharma, Transportation, Manufacturing and the Public Sector. The company have won numerous international assignments in the Middle East, Germany and the UK and have been recognised by and work closely with the Health and Safety Authority, and the CIF producing their e-learning content.

“At the heart of our process is the use of video combined with very strong instructional and graphic design to bring a real and immersive experience to the learner,” Sales Director, John Hagan explains. “Dillon Productions also provides stand-alone video production for marketing, staff recruitment and induction, or online toolbox talk purposes. We are also continually engaged in projects that use time-lapse and progress report videos on construction sites.”

“The demand for immersive, content rich and video based training content is growing from bite sized five to 10 minute sessions to more formal multi-module based programmes,” John adds. “In the construction sector especially, more and more EHS managers are recognising the need for a behavioural based safety approach to prevent and reduce accidents and using video content really helps to underpin this strategy. Video is a really effective medium, it supports a safety-first culture and delivers clear learning outcomes that are more easily understood and retained.”

According to Dillon Productions, hosting contractor induction programmes online can benefit companies in a number of ways, allowing contractors to access the programmes anywhere, anytime and the ability to reach an unlimited number of employees across several locations at the same time.

“Having one’s contractors complete the majority of the site induction process on-line, prior to arrival on site can provide a very cost effective and time efficient solution for businesses,” John Hagan explains.


Dillon Productions are currently offering exclusive discounted packages to CIF members, including the pre-production, filming and post-production of bespoke video content. For more information contact John Hagan, Sales Director at Dillon Productions on 01 298 0736

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