Is this another women’s thing?

19 Feb 2018

Una Beagon, Assistant Head of School of Civil & Structural Engineering, invites you to DIT’s diversity and inclusion panel discussion on March 1st.


“Is this another Women’s Engineering thing?” I heard uttered when I organised an event last year, which to be fair, was entitled “Celebrating Women in Engineering”.  However, I realised as I glanced at the impressive audience in attendance that I missed the mark, because the majority of those in attendance were of course…. women.  It is important that we showcase our successful engineers, some who happen to be women and it is important for young engineers to have some role models to look up to.

But, I would like to advocate that we change the conversation.  Let’s stop talking just about encouraging women into the profession.  I prefer to talk about diversity and inclusion, because we are all diverse in our own way, moulded by our upbringing, education and previous experiences. I want to look beyond the confines of gender and concentrate on making the engineering and construction profession an inclusive environment for all.  In the Dublin Institute of Technology, we are lucky to have a diverse student body in our engineering programmes, however, I’m not convinced that the profession as a whole has embraced this diversity just yet.

Research shows that we tend to recruit and promote people like ourselves yet research also shows that the most productive teams are those which include a diverse group of people.  The business angle is clear then, so it makes sense to create a workplace that not only accommodates those of different cultures, disabilities or ages, but actively recruits and retains those staff.

So, come along to DIT on the 1st March to get involved in a panel discussion to hear about initiatives that other industries have undertaken to create a diverse and inclusive workplace.  The goal is to highlight both those aspects which worked well, but more importantly, lessons learned which we can bring to the engineering and construction sector.

If you are a woman reading this, great – please come along.  If you are a man reading this, please don’t just forward this to some of the women within your organisation who you think might be interested; please do that, but come along yourself too!


Una Beagon (Chartered Structural Engineer), Assistant Head of School of Civil & Structural Engineering, Dublin Institute of Technology

To Register your place, please follow this Eventbrite link or click the below flyer.


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