#BuildingEquality – Sharing Your Stories: Sarah Kennedy

23 Feb 2018

As part of the #BuildingEquality 2018 Campaign, Sarah Kennedy, Business Development Manager with EIDA Solutions, shares her story as a woman in construction.

Why I chose a career in construction

From the age of fourteen to twenty-one I spent my summer holidays working on different construction sites across Dublin to earn some pocket money, but mostly to keep me out from under my parent’s feet. During the Summer of 2015 I was placed on my first construction site at the AIB Ballsbridge project. Since that Summer I have always enjoyed the fast-paced, exciting environment that exists while working in the construction industry.

Since 2015 I have been working at the intersection of technology and construction for EIDA Solutions, a project management software company. My job allows me to engage with emerging technological trends while providing access to some of the most complex and advanced construction projects in Ireland and internationally.

Construction companies are embracing new technologies, and being a part of this evolving industry means I am always learning, and no two days are the same.

Role models throughout my career

As I’m currently in the early-stages of my career, I often look to other women in the industry for inspiration, and I’m encouraged to see more and more women appearing as CEOs, on managerial boards, and as business owners within the industry. Seeing women succeed in these positions throughout the industry makes it easier for me, and other women to aspire to these positions ourselves.

Attracting more women and girls into the industry

Like many women, I was introduced to the construction industry by a family member, without whom I wouldn’t have viewed the industry as a potential place to build my career. To encourage more women to enter the industry we need to present construction as an interesting and inclusive place to work to both boys and girls from a young age, and throughout their education. We also need to emphasise the benefits of the construction industry to women who are considering career changes, or returning to work. For example, many construction companies offer flexible working hours and are accommodating to childcare requirements.

Finally, we need to support the women that are currently working in the industry by putting policies in place to ensure they are treated fairly, and equally to their male counterparts.


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