#BuildingEquality – Sharing Your Stories: Kerry Power

02 Mar 2018

As part of the #BuildingEquality 2018 Campaign, Kerry Power, Human Resources Manager, Suir Engineering Ltd, shares her story as a woman in construction.

My name is Kerry, I’m the HR Manager with Suir Engineering Ltd.

I’ve worked for the company for the past four years. Prior to this I worked for more than 20 years in the manufacturing and service sectors. I can honestly say, while I have loved all of my previous roles, my current role has given me the most opportunity to develop and grow personally and professionally.

Every day is busy and different and most days can be challenging, but the experience I have gained in the last fours years surpass the experience of the previous 20.

To go into work every day and enjoy what you do is not something everyone can say. It’s important to do something you like, but if you’re looking for fantastic opportunities and exciting work challenges you should definitely consider a career in the construction sector.

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