#BuildingEquality – Sharing Your Stories: Tommy Drumm

05 Mar 2018

As part of the #BuildingEquality 2018 Campaign, Tommy Drumm, Managing Director, Collen Construction, shares his thoughts on women in construction.

There are simply are not enough women in the construction industry. Having worked in construction in Ireland, Australia, the Middle East, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, the UK and Thailand, it is remarkable how different each culture embraces women in construction.

From when I started College in 1973, it was evident that the number of women looking to get involved in the industry in Ireland was at a very low level. It’s such a shame.

Projects are principally what drive our industry and each one is different. This is what I love about what we do. When you start a project you more than likely know only a few of the very large number of people required to deliver it.

There is no hiding on a project and by the time you get to the end of it, you know the people on the team incredibly well. You will know the ones you want to work with again because very quickly you see who does what they say they will do! It is recognised that the best teams have the best gender balance.

In Collen we have 17% women. This is significantly higher than the average, which I am shocked to see is 5.5%. In our SHEQ team the average is higher again at 33% and that is an extremely high performing team and they win a lot of awards. At our Group company we have more than 50% and that works brilliantly. There is clear evidence that the best performing companies in the world have more women sitting at Board level.

Construction involves such a rich mixture of skills and with the digitisation of the world, it’s an opportunity to take our industry to the next level.

I hope you get the chance to participate in our industry in the future; there are many career days arranged around the country by the colleges, so give it a look. The very best of luck in your career choice.

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