#BuildingEquality – Sharing Your Stories: Nisha Jahangir

13 Mar 2018

As part of the #BuildingEquality 2018 Campaign, Nisha Jahangir, Manley Construction Ltd, shares her story as a woman in construction.

I was born and brought up in India. My mom is my inspiration. She is a wonderful lady, who treated & educated three of us in a similar way. My dad supported as backbone to my mom in upbringing the kids. My elder brother and younger sister are IT Engineers. I am the one (Civil Engineer) who has chosen the construction industry.

Many of them told me that this industry is not meant for women. Even though I am very confident and enjoy what I am doing. I took a role as a site engineer in India and relocated to Ireland after marriage. Manley Construction Ltd is my first employer in Ireland. I didn’t have any knowledge of Irish construction at the time.

My Director Damien Manley supported me in every way and taught me everything about Timber Construction. I have been working there for six years and got redundancy, when crisis came. I took that as an opportunity to grow and up-skill myself in the same track. Also, I had my second baby that time. Still, I remember those days with feeding my child on the bed and studying for the exams aside. My husband who supported me all through my career and in hard times. I like his “CAN DO” attitude. He always encourages me and never give space to bother.

I then started to work as a domestic and commercial BER Assessor. When I go to a property to do a survey, some people might have found it weird looking for a woman to do BER surveys. So far, I have completed roughly 1500 BER assessments on domestic properties and around 500 BER assessments on commercial properties.

Now I’ve reunified with my career family. I joined Manley Construction Ltd again after six years taking up new roles and responsibilities. All thanks to my Director Damien Manley. I was watching this ‘Sharing Your Stories’ from CIF, last week. We all must support Building Equality Campaign and show that women can do anything.

Women can think and handle problems in different ways. Women can manage so many things at home, we can do the same in the industry like assigning roles to colleagues depends upon their capabilities, money management, project management, working towards specific deadlines and much more. As a woman, we all work together and support young girls and women to take part and grow in the construction industry.

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