Oliver O’Connor: Constructing tomorrow, today

15 Mar 2018

The construction sector is, once again, fundamental to the overall success of the Irish economy.  With the announcement of the National Development Plan 2040 and many other initiatives requiring the expertise of the construction industry it is likely to have a prominent role for the foreseeable future.

However, as with all industries, the construction sector is not without its challenges, some better documented on the national airwaves than others.  The lack of sufficient skilled workers in the sector is a constant headache and attracting suitably qualified talent a costly exercise for businesses.  This is compounded by the fact that, in a throw-back to darker days for the industry, the margins on projects are significantly tighter.  Financial prudence is vitally important now for those businesses that wish to grow and prosper in the cycle we are currently in.

As you may know from our Annual Conference, taking place on the 21 March 2018, we have unrivaled experience and expertise in advising clients in the broad construction sector and we will bring this to bear as we advise you.


The Grant Thornton Annual Construction Conference; Constructing tomorrow, today, will take place on Wednesday 21st March in Croke Park. 

The conference will discuss the changing face of the industry, the regulation that guides it and innovation in the industry and will include a keynote address from Richard Barrett, Founder, Bartra Capital.

For information and registration, contact Robyn Palmer Sheehan at [email protected]

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