Men are not Superheroes, I haven’t met one man that’s unbreakable

27 Sep 2018

Catherine Finn, Health and Safety Consultant at 4 Safety’s Sake and all round ‘Safety Lady’ refers to superheroes on site.

So, when you’re making a purchase as a woman, well you’re supposed to get all giddy and excited and enjoy the whole process of that big purchase, because we girls like to shop. Well, that doesn’t really happen when you’re trying to decide which half face mask the lads down on the job need, and which one they will actually wear. Standing there figuring out the size the lads faces, my eyes were drawn down to a sign, and I laughed out loud. How many men does it take to change a light bulb…

Well, when you see a sign saying ‘men at work’, you just have to laugh. Over the last 2 weeks I’ve been sent a series of video clips about unsafe practices on sites and in workplaces, and believe me, they are idiotic, and funny and some are roar out load, belly laugh funny, and yes I did laugh. Because I work in Health and Safety, I’m seen as the one who will get a laugh out of people trying to kill themselves.  But every time I watched these videos, over and over, there’s a common theme, Men, or who I like to refer to as, Superheros.

To date I haven’t seen a sign saying ‘Women at Work’. Because, we work all the time! We don’t stop. From what I can see, men need signs to tell people they are working, and, at that, taking risks, unnecessarily, and pretending to be superheroes, when in fact, let me break it to you all, men are not superheroes. To date I haven’t met one man that’s unbreakable, green, wears his shorts outside his trousers (bum cleavage doesn’t count!) has a cape (well maybe) has x-ray vision (even though they like to think they do), or men that can fly. Now a flying man I’d love to see, because then all the men I find climbing scaffold tubes, working on roofs without adequate fall protection, working off ladders, and working near leading edges without fall protection, well, then I wouldn’t have to advise anyone on how to work safely regarding working at heights, cause all the men could fly!

But lads, I’m sorry to burst your bubble, you cannot fly, unless of course you want to prove to me that you can. So when I see a ‘Men at Work’ sign well I just laugh, because it can take numerous men to make a construction site work, I agree to that one wholeheartedly. I asked someone today, how many women does it take to change a construction site? The reply I got, was well, just one.

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