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27 Nov 2018

The CIF BIM Starter Pack is a guide for contractors, enabling them to meet projects digital needs as the construction veers more and more towards the use of these modern methods and innovative techniques in everyday construction projects.

Members of our Construction 4.0 Committee have worked tirelessly to put this practical guide together in a bid to improve the industry and I would like to congratulate them on their efforts.

According to Construction 4.0 Committee Chairman Eoin Vaughan: “The purpose of the document is to give members of the industry a starting point for BIM implementation in their business. It can be read as a ‘How-to’ guide for companies, which may not yet have made an investment into this area and are perhaps at a point where they are  considering how they can best establish a BIM capability. Alternatively, it can be a useful tool for companies that are already dipping their toe into the world of digital construction, to take stock and allow them to assess where they are in that journey, and what they may yet need to address ahead of this.”

This new guidance document has been developed with the SME and the major construction services providers in mind. Written by contractors for contractors, it provides insights from those who have been ‘early-adopters’ of the new technology.

Another such individual, Cillian Kelly, chair of our BIM working group agrees that: “The goal of the document is to provide direction to organisations within the construction industry on basic BIM requirements including; strategy, project, contractual, hardware/software and training. This guide should help CIF companies put the resources in place to enable them to respond to the digital requirements of projects. BIM is here to stay as a project deliverable. It is critical that companies are aware of what they are being asked to sign up to and that they can ensure they have the correct process and technical resources in place to meet clients’ expectations.”

The CIF BIM Starter Pack, the third document produced by our  Construction 4.0 Committee, is published today and available here

Sean Downey


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CIF Director, Specialist Contracting, Sean Downey

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