CIF Corporate Partner – Remedy Clinic – Employee Assistance Programme

04 Feb 2019

Remedy EAP is now providing CIF members with Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs), a modern approach to counselling, which offers member organisation staff anonymous access into an intervention with a trained professional, to help resolve personal issues or work-related issues and get back to living, working and being well.

The CIF and its Corporate Partners, Remedy Clinic have come together offering its members a modern approach to counselling services known as Employee Assistance Programmes.

EAP’s allow anonymous access for CIF member organisation staff into an intervention with a trained professional, to help them resolve personal issues or work related issued and get back to living, working and being well.

Remedy EAP offers a robust intervention, up to 3 times longer than the traditional- EAP providers, allowing a staff member to have a meaningful period of time to work on issues they are experiencing. This EAP was designed by a team with clinical experience, who understand what it takes for interventions to be effective. We work only with Counsellors who have a proven track record in short course work, and are trained specifically in the area of Stress Response and are trained up to and beyond the upcoming regulatory standards.

Remedy EAP is here for your company’s employees in times of excessive stress and demand to support in crises and empower through psycho-educative intervention, helping clients to develop coping tools and mechanisms that they can take forward in their life.

For more information call 0818 919 220  or follow this link for more detailed information on the collateral benefits for a company engaging with Remedy EAP.


The Management team in Remedy EAP are responsible for ongoing case load management, ensuring quality control and highest standards of practice are adhered to and ensuring that appointment turn around is within the company charter guidelines. We are passionate about the service we provide and the results we can achieve for our clients. In depth details on the service are on our registration website,


The EAP Team


Richard McDonagh – MD Remedy EAP 

Remedy EAP was established by Richard McDonagh. Richard is a Hons. Counselling & Psychotherapy graduate, a Business graduate, and has qualifications in Psychology and Health, Fitness and Sports Nutrition.

Richard is the co-founder of the SDR Group property development company and has years of experience in the property and construction Sectors and has garnered important insight into the stresses and demands within the construction sector.

At the centre of Richard’s ethos in care delivery is the quality of professional contact, and the quality of the care environment and setting. Having extensive knowledge of the psychological and physical impacts of traumas, stresses and life events that individuals experience, Richard understands that quality counselling and psycho-therapeutic processes in a holding and supportive environment are powerful, effective and restorative elements of crises resolution and rehabilitation. He created Remedy EAP to address the need for modern mental health services that are easy to access and have effective duration.


Eugene O’Reilly – Senior Case Manager & Associate Director

Eugene O’Reilly is a professionally qualified Counsellor & Psychotherapist with a BA Honours Degree from Dublin Business School. He also holds a BEng. in Civil Engineering and quickly proceeded to work in large scale construction and Civil projects in a managerial capacity, ensuring tight budgets and deadlines were adhered to.

Passionate about sport and outdoor physical pursuits he understands the importance of the mind-body-wellness relationship. Eugene always had a fascination with how people behave, act and react to the world around them. He saw first-hand how easy it is to become stressed in demanding work environments. These were key factors that encouraged Eugene to retrain as a professional counsellor and Psychotherapist. Eugene understands what it takes for psychotherapeutic process work to happen and is passionate about quality clinical care, and about his client’s journey to well-being.

Participating in the personal growth of others and the ability to help clients achieve actualisation is the greatest reward he has found that comes with working in this field.


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