CIF Director Outlook 2019 – Shane Dempsey, Communications

20 Feb 2019

With a number of positive indicators for Irish construction in 2019, but also some major issues to be addressed, CIF directors are positive but cautious about industry prospects in the year ahead.


Shane Dempsey, Director, Communications

The CIF made significant progress in building the industry’s reputation throughout 2018. This ongoing work will continue apace in 2019 with several campaigns planned to support CIF policy goals. A central focus of CIF communications will be to highlight the opportunities and challenges facing constructions in the regions. Throughout the year, we will be promoting the excellent work underway across the regions through our channels.

At a political level, highlighting the paucity of work outside the Greater Dublin Area to policymakers and local politicians will be important, especially considering the local elections scheduled for May 2019. The ongoing housing shortage will indeed continue, and the issue will feature in the media weekly, if not daily, throughout 2019. The CIF will continue to highlight the barriers to housing delivery that our members face on the ground, particularly in the regions.

Next year, the CIF’s high visibility campaigns will focus on issues such as promoting safety, attracting more young people into the industry, promoting equality and diversity and building the regions. Safety Week will run in October with hundreds of construction companies promoting safety to thousands of employees. March will see another #BuildingEquality event aimed at promoting women in the industry.

This year has started with a lot of media coverage on skills shortages in the industry. The CIF anticipated this in 2016 and began a campaign to address skills gaps in the industry. In 2019, the flagship communications programme for 2019 and 2020 will be a national awareness campaign and school outreach programme aimed at attracting more young people into the industry. This ambitious programme will support CIF members in engaging with transition year students and will be supported by a digital and media campaign.

Throughout the year, the CIF will also run a series of roadshow events, conferences and briefings. Keep an eye on our website’s events section for information. Our flagship event, the National Conference will be held in early October, and I encourage you to book tickets early.

Finally, the CIF wants to feature its members in its communications, you are the ambassadors for the industry. Contact us to discuss how we can support you in promoting your company. The CIF has developed significant online audiences and media audiences, and we are eager to highlight your company’s story to the public.

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