CIF welcomes rules that allow skilled construction workers into the industry

03 Apr 2019

The Construction Industry Federation strongly welcomes today’s announcement of changes to the criteria for work permit eligibility for those outside the EU.

This will see an increase in the number of skilled workers eligible for employment in Ireland’s construction sector.

The new changes to the employment permits system include the removal of certain occupations from the ineligible list, including essential construction trades such as sheet metal workers, pipefitters and scaffolders.

Tom Parlon, CIF Director General said:

“The construction sector has been growing since 2013 at a rate of 1000 people a month.  We are experience skills shortages in particular areas that are essential to the delivery of housing and infrastructure.   The CIF has engaged with SOLAS and Education Training Boards to upskill those on the live register and bring them back into the industry.  We have also attempted to attract members of the Diaspora back to work here and finally, we are working with schools to encourage more young people into the industry in the medium term.  The measures announced today will allow us to meet the pent-up demand for construction activity across Ireland.

We are approaching near full employment in Ireland and there is still huge demand for labour in order to deliver the Government’s Rebuilding Ireland housing strategy and its National Development Plan.  This will allow the entry of construction specialists from outside the EU and enable them to seek work in Ireland and to have access to a work permit.  The Irish construction industry now offers excellent career prospects and a sectoral employment order that means companies pay good wages and conditions for every worker in Ireland.   We welcome today’s announcement of the changes to the criteria to work permit eligibility and believe that this will allow the Irish economy to grow and meet the NDP targets.”

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