#BuildingEquality – Sharing Your Stories: Sally Jean Doherty

As part of the #BuildingEquality Campaign, Sally Jean Doherty, Apprentice Carpenter and Joiner with Sisk shares her story.

I joined Sisk in October 2018 as a Carpenter and Joiner apprentice. I’ve always be interested in the construction sector, my main interest being sustainable building.

Honestly, I had never considered the apprenticeship route. I didn’t know much about it until a friend of mine Milo, was doing his Carpentry apprenticeship. Through him, I was able to understand how the apprenticeship process and training works. I learned that it was mostly practical work with periods of in-class theory looped through phases (Phase 2, 4 & 6). Knowing that a more practical approach to learning worked well for me, I was really keen to apply. However, having no relevant experience nor having studied woodwork in school, I was worried that I didn’t stand a chance. My wife Fabiana really encouraged me to go for it. I completed my application and prepared for the interview.

I chose to apply for Sisk because they take on ten apprentices each year, and they have a dedicated training centre at their head office on the Naas road. I had an interview with my now manager Dave Treacy. I was as honest as I could be. I explained that I had no experience, but if he gave me a shot I would work hard and that he wouldn’t be disappointed if he did take me on. He reassured me that they could teach me everything I needed to know, and having the right attitude was the most valuable trait in an apprentice.

I’m lucky to work for a company like Sisk. We get both joinery and site experience, and work on so many different, interesting projects. There is so much to learn while I’m doing my ‘on the job’ phases (phase 1, 3, 5 & 7).

If you were interested in doing an apprenticeship, but aren’t sure which one to apply for, or which one would suit you best, TU Dublin have a program called ‘Access to Apprenticeship’s’. You get to learn about different trades, and by the end of the program you go on a placement in your preferred trade for two weeks. It’s a great way for people to experience the different trades and just a great initiative all round.

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