#Building Equality- Sharing your Stories- Edel King, Lioncor Developments

02 Mar 2020

“I began my career in the construction industry 16 years ago when I started as a Site Engineer. Having qualified with a Degree in Civil Engineering, I still wasn’t sure where my place was as a female within the industry. I loved being on site and this is where I discovered my passion for purchasing and procurement.

I worked from ground level to procurement assistant and most recently to my role today with Lioncor Developments as Senior Procurement Manager. I have been very lucky to be surrounded by good mentors and role models at each stage, who have counselled me in my career path, work politics and communication. For me, seeking out this mentor has been the key to my continued growth.

Even if you work for a great company, gender-based prejudice, discrimination and stereotypes still exist and can happen in interactions with clients, subcontractors and vendors. It just takes one comment to throw off even the most professional and prepared. Persevere and seek out like-minded people with whom you can vent. I believe we need to encourage one another and pass it on, be a good mentor to those women (and men) around you.”

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