#BuildingEquality – Sharing Your Stories: Janine Gaffney

As part of the #BuildingEquality Campaign, Janine, Talent Acquisition with Hilti shares her story.

Prior to working in the construction industry I worked within the private sector within market facing recruitment predominately within the boutique space. I started my career in Sydney, Australia where I lived in the sunshine for 14 years. I worked at Hilti’s Head Office in Sydney for 2 years in a Talent Acquisition Role. I couldn’t believe my luck when Hilti Ireland created a position in the Irish market. Much to the delight of my family and friends – Hilti brought me home!

I was actually very calculated when I decided to apply for my role at Hilti. I had partnered with Hilti for years on varying recruitment projects, every single candidate that I had placed at Hilti had flourished and thrived. Hilti was my favourite client! The candidates were all so passionate and enthusiastic about Hilti, the culture, the people the opportunities. I just had to join Hilti myself, so I did.

I also have family members within the construction sector, so I was well aware of the premium nature of the brand (I personally knew Hilti as the Christian Louboutin of power tools..). I always remember when I first started with Hilti, walking past construction projects on my daily commute wearing my Hilti lanyard and backpack, heads would turn followed by a nod of acceptance from Hilti customers. I loved it!

Time and time again it has been proven that diverse teams outperform homogenous teams, significantly. The days of gender specific roles are long gone! The construction sector is dynamic, thriving and fun. If you are looking for a robust and exciting career path, construction is the industry to be in. We make a difference, every day. The industry creates housing, infrastructure and exciting commercial projects. The construction sector may not naturally occur to people who have not had industry exposure and are embarking on their career trajectory, so it is critical that advocates promote the industry.

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