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10 Apr 2020

One of our corporate partners, Deloitte Ireland has pulled together a really helpful list of government funding initiatives to support business.

Deloitte Ireland government supportsThe document outlines:

  • Funding category.
  • Details of the scheme.
  • Eligibility outlining how to qualify.
  • Details of application.
  • The website listing more information.
  • Deloitte Ireland add commentary where applicable.

The Irish government has introduced these supports to help Irish organisations navigate successfully through the existing economic conditions. These include everything from online trading support, wage subsidy scheme and rental supports, right through to residence rules.

For more information and to get the full list of supports, download the Deloitte Ireland document* here.


Planning and Development Outlook Q1 2020

As the effects of the Covid-19 restrictions are felt both locally and globally, Deloitte Real Estate Advisory examine the effects on the Irish planning system, the status of the residential and commercial real estate markets in Ireland and also take a look at some key market statistics from Quarter 1 2020. Get the full document here. 

Routes to Reclaiming Losses as a result of COVID-19

Whether it is your business, your supplier’s business or your customer’s business, there is potential to suffer disruption, putting strain on commercial relationships and increasing the risk of failing to meet contractual obligations.

Whatever the circumstance, it is important that you are thinking ahead so as to be in a state of readiness to resolve those contractual challenges or navigate contentious scenarios to protect the future of your business and preserve important commercial relationships. Learn more here. 

Resolving Disputes

There are multiple triggers for disputes when delivering projects. Whether it’s related to cost escalations, breach of investment agreements or delays of programme, you may need some support when resolving these challenges. Deloitte Ireland brings together dispute professionals, with relevant construction industry experience, providing powerful financial analysis, convincing evidence and sophisticated tools. The Deloitte Ireland team includes dedicated Disputes and International Arbitration specialists who act as experts and arbitrators and have testifying experience from court and arbitration matters conducted in many of the major dispute resolution centres globally. Click here for more information.

*Correct as of 9/4/2020. Subject to change. For updates, visit Deloitte Ireland. 

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