CIS – Covid-19 – Construction Update Ireland

15 Apr 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on all of our lives. While it is much too early to assess the full implications, we can assess the direct impact on construction activity on the island which has essentially ceased beyond works directed at repurposing medical and care facilities and essential maintenance works.

To provide some context we shall draw from some preliminary assessments of the wider economic impact and look at the support and stimulus packages deployed by the Irish and UK governments to try to bridge the gap to recovery.

Within the construction industry itself we detail the level of ‘on-the-ground’ activity that has ceased, providing a snapshot analysis just before restrictions on activity came into force. We will also look at the impact on pipeline activity noting the decline in planning applications, planning decisions and public sector tenders and the differing approaches across both jurisdictions.

Read the full CIS document below:

CIS - Covid-19 - Construction Update Ireland

16th September 2022 pdf (2.38 MB)

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