New C-19 Operating Procedures

15 Apr 2020

Updated – 25/02/22

The CIF Construction Sector C-19 Pandemic SOP has been updated to Version 11. At this stage of the pandemic, it is recommended for all in construction to continue to:

  1. Risk assess the appropriate control measures for addressing COVID-19
  2. Maintain basic hand and respiratory hygiene
  3. Avail of vaccinations and boosters against COVID-19
  4. Self-isolate, if advised by public health
  5. Support the role of the Site Safety Representative / Lead Worker Representative and the COVID-19 Compliance Officer.

From Monday, 28th February, the advice of government is that face masks will no longer be mandatory, but should be worn when, (a) on public transport, or (b) in healthcare settings. Refer to:

The approach (endorsed by a subgroup of the committee) for construction sites is that the general wearing of face masks / face coverings will not be required, unless it has been determined as a requirement from a site or task-specific risk assessment, or if dictated by site rules. Should an individual prefer to continue to wear a face mask / face covering, this is at their discretion and is to be supported, unless it conflicts with a local risk assessment (e.g. where the wearing of PPE takes precedence).

Important Information

  • This is not a legal document. Members should review this guidance to ensure they are following best practice relative to their specific sites to ensure safety.
  • Conforming to HSE restrictions on sites remains the key criteria for any construction activity. If work cannot be done safely, it shouldn’t happen.
  • This SOP should be used by companies to review their safety plans.
  • Most importantly, members should engage with their clients on the content of this SOP in the coming days and weeks so they have an understanding of the comprehensive steps members need to take to ensure safety.
  • Member should engage with clients in this way to flag the expected costs and delays inherent in adhering to comprehensive guidelines relevant to each project. The document makes it clear that clients will need to be flexible and collaborative in allow companies the time and space to implement new ways of working.

This document will be used by the Federation to support our efforts to convince the political system that the industry can comply with new safety guidelines. The period before the shutdown where there was widespread coverage of non-compliance by construction workers both on and off construction sites needs to be expunged.

Document Updated 25/02/22 – Please click here to download

CIF Construction Sector C-19 Pandemic SOP – V.11

27th October 2022 pdf (916KB)



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