Introduction of FREE 24/7 employee assistance programme and wellbeing app for all construction workers in Ireland

03 Jun 2020

The global pandemic is having a negative impact on mental health in society; those in the construction industry who have faced a long lay-off are no exception. To help construction workers to cope with these issues, the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity is launching a free and confidential 24/7 helpline and wellbeing app on 3rd June 2020.

Lighthouse CEO, Bill Hill said of the helpline launch:
“A large proportion of construction workers are either self employed or work for small businesses. They do not have access to an employee assistance programme (EAP) for support.
One of the charity’s key objectives is to reduce suicides of those working in the construction sector. The 24/7 Construction Industry Helpline delivers an EAP to all workers and is complimented by an supporting helpline app. This App is available on both Android and Apple devices and is packed full of information, advice and guidance on mental, physical and financial wellbeing matters.  By making all the services free and confidential, the charity aims to remove two of the key barriers to people seeking help. The final barrier to overcome is the stigma of using such services often inherent in stoic masculine belief.”

The Irish Government’s Return to Work Safely Protocol recently advised companies to introduce services to support Mental Health and Wellbeing. The launch will take place on 3rd June 2020 at 4.00pm via webinar, and the charity is working with the CIF to promulgate the helpline amongst its members.

The webinar will also showcase the charity’s services and will see a panel discussion on the implications of the Government’s Return to Work Safely Protocol. The panel will consist of representation from The Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity, the CIF, the Considerate Constructors Scheme and experts from the Irish Construction sector.

To register for the Webinar, Wednesday 3rd June at 4pm – CLICK HERE

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