CIF Contracting Webinar Series

16 Jun 2020

The Federation has launched a second webinar series on updates to our original COVID-19 Construction Considerations, on matters related to the ongoing and unprecedented effects that the pandemic is having on contracting. This series brings together industry experts providing insight into the contractual matters and possible remedies that may be available to members on sites, as a result of the disruption caused by COVID-19.

The series is broken down into four parts.

In Parts 1 – 3 of the webinar, Siobhan Kenny of Eugene F. Collins Solicitors, will provide an update on the contractual positions for the public and private sectors that members may find themselves in, as a result of the current risks that COVID-19 presents.

Covid-19 Construction Considerations – Part 1

Covid-19 Construction Considerations – Part 2 

Covid-19 Construction Considerations – Part 3


In Part 4, John FFF O’Brien will set out how members may wish to process the possible remedies that may be available to them as outlined in Part 1.

Covid-19 Construction Considerations – Part 4


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