Plant and Pedestrian Safety

10 Aug 2020

John Egan, Executive, CIF Safety & Training Services, provides an update on “Plant & Pedestrian Safety”.

As part of the CIF’s Refocus on Safety campaign, the focus for week commencing 10th August is Plant and Pedestrian Safety.

Kevin Cummins, BU HSE Manager East, Civils & Living, John Sisk & Son, has kindly facilitated a brief video to advise of measures to ensure plant and pedestrian safety; this may be accessed here:

According to the Health and Safety Authority (HSA), the greatest risk to pedestrians is from vehicles and mobile plant. It is highlighted that there are substantial blind spots on dozers, wheeled loading shovels and excavators, with workers at risk of being run over if they are in the operator’s blind spot.

The law requires that pedestrians and vehicles must co-exist safely both in indoor and outdoor places of work. Where vehicles are operating, the vulnerable group may be co-workers, visitors, or members of the public. To protect pedestrians, vehicle travel routes should be clearly delineated, with enough clearance space between persons and vehicles considering the number of users and the work activities

The HSA highlights that employers or a person in control of a workplace must carry out a documented risk assessment of workplace transport hazards to include an evaluation and assessment of vehicles and mobile work equipment in use in the workplace. Additionally, pedestrian activity within the operational areas shall wherever possible be restricted, particularly in hours of darkness, and for certain operations ‘no entry’ zones should be identified and clearly marked.

The HSA, through facilitated the generation of a Construction Site Traffic Management Plan (CSTMP) for work on construction sites (not live roads). It is made up of two elements:

  1. Part A – Guidance document which gives an introduction and summary of the 6 sections – Information, Training, Temporary Works, Hazards, Controls and Resources.
  2. Part B – Contains the 6 sections in an online fill-able form which can be saved and printed.

For reference, Michael O’Connor, Group EHS Director, Mercury has shared a video on behavioural safety, which may be viewed here:

Please use the hashtag #CIFSITESAFETY to highlight your safety initiatives on social media and the CIF will endeavour to provide support. For more information, see links provided:

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