Mental Health in the Construction Sector

20 Aug 2020


Mental Health in the Construction Sector

16th September 2022 pdf (2.84 MB)


Mental Health and Wellbeing is now a critical part of the construction industry’s safety culture. The industry began a transformative journey to improve its safety, reduce accidents and prevent fatalities in the 1980s. The next step in this journey is to ensure companies are equipped to help support and promote their employees’ mental health and well-being. Due to the vast number of sole-traders, micro-enterprises and SMEs operating in the sector, this will involve coordinated action between industry leaders, the CIF and Government to ensure companies are supported in affecting mental health.

Construction companies, like those in other sectors, are increasingly wrestling with how to shape working environments to influence employee well-being. The construction industry has a strong track record in doing this in a physical safety context. This report shows that, like other industries, construction companies are concerned about employee mental health but in some cases lack support, expertise and resources and a regulatory backdrop to intervene confidently and effectively.

In recognition of the importance of mental well being in the construction sector, the CIF engaged Accuracy to conduct research with employers to explore their experiences of managing staff and the key issues they face with regards to mental health.

Supported by our sponsors, the research sought to examine to what extent companies have access to the necessary support structures to effectively manage employees struggling with their mental health. With thanks to the Construction Workers’ Sick Pay Trust, Laya Healthcare and Spectrum Health.


Construction Workers' Sick Pay Trust


Mental Health in the Construction Sector

16th September 2022 pdf (2.84 MB)



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