CIF Webinar: Customs Training 101

06 Nov 2020

BDO provide a timely update for CIF member companies on the current implications for trade between the UK and Ireland as a result of Brexit. This 1 hour long webinar incorporates a comprehensive view on the tax implications and VAT implications for those operating in Ireland, with UK based projects and those operating in Ireland or the UK with European supply chains that involve some element of UK transit.

Presented by: Carol Lynch, Partner, BDO Customs & International Trade Services

Fionn Uibh Eachach, Partner – Indirect Tax, BDO Customs & International Trade Services

Moderated by: Sean Downey, Director, CIF

Key questions that arose during the webinar are answered at the following times. We would recommend that members watch the webinar and consider reviewing the following questions that are already addressed:

How do we account for VAT between the UK and Ireland after January 2021? (see 43 minutes)

If goods are being transported from Europe through the UK and the consignment is subdivided in the UK what are the implications? (see 45 minutes)

What are the changes for UK based and NI based subcontractors operating on Irish projects after January 2021? (see minute 51)

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