Simple steps to trading post-Brexit

11 Dec 2020

In our latest guest blog, our corporate partners Declaron advise you on the correct steps to take to ensure that your business can continue to trade post-Brexit.

There are some critical steps that must be taken to ensure your business can continue to trade post-Brexit. The below outlines for the first four steps that will enable you to engage with Declaron to complete your customs paperwork. Once you have completed these steps Declaron will take you through the next number of steps.

The UK has left the EU on the 31st of January 2020, therefore becoming a Third Country from that date. In order to import goods into the EU and export goods from the EU from January 2021, you will now need an Economic Operators Registration and Identification (EORI) number.

Similarly, if you are acting as the Importer into the UK or the Exporter from the UK, you will need to have a UK EORI number.

For example, if you are delivering the goods from Ireland on DDP terms to a UK client, you will need to have an IE EORI number for exports from Ireland and a UK EORI number to import the goods into the UK.

You should check the European Commission EORI Number Validator to ascertain if you already have an EORI number before you proceed further in this document. The default option will be “IE” followed by your VAT number.

If your suppliers are delivering to you on DDP terms we recommend you check with them that they have also obtained these registrations to ensure security of supply.

EORI Applications

EU EORI Number:

You can register and apply for and EU EORI number here.  

GB EORI Number:

  • Check if you need to register for VAT before you apply for an EORI number.
  • You can apply online to get an EORI number here.
  • HMRC advises that it takes between 5 and 10 minutes to apply for an EORI number. Numbers can be issued immediately or could take up to 3 working days if the HMRC needs to carry out more checks.

For more information on Brexit and Customs, visit Declaron’s video hub at the link below.

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