Current CIF President and Vice Presidents

Pat Lucey – President

Pat Lucey was a Director with John Sisk & Son (Holdings) Ltd with the responsibility for the Civil Engineering Business Unit.

After graduating from UCC he joined M.C. O’Sullivan Consulting Engineers.

In the late eighties, Pat joined Christiani & Nielsen and spent 5 years working in the UK.

Pat joined John Sisk & Son in 1993 to start a Civil Engineering Division and spent 27 years with Sisk working on many prestigious projects across Ireland and the UK.

Pat is a past President of the Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA).

Frank Kelly

Frank Kelly – Senior Vice President

Frank Kelly is a Construction Director at Walls Construction. Frank has more than twenty five years’ industry experience having joined Walls Construction in 1992 as a site engineer progressing to contracts manager and to his current position of Construction Director. He has worked across a diverse range of sectors including commercial, retail, pharmaceutical, healthcare, residential, fit out, Industrial and education. Frank has been responsible for the delivery of some landmark projects like Trinity Biosciences on Pearse Street and the recently completed Central Bank on North Wall Quay.

Frank has been actively involved in the CIF since 2008 and sits on a number of the advisory committees to the executive body including chair of the Safety & Health Committee. His standing in the Irish construction sector was recognised by his recent term as President of the Master Builders and Contractors Association.

Joe Conway – Vice President

Joe Conway is a Business Development Manager with Dornan Engineering, who worked overseas with Kentz, in the African countries of Lesotho, South Africa & Botswana 1983-1997 and has worked in Ireland since his return in 1997.

He has over forty  years’ experience in the construction industry, working on mining, oil & gas industries while overseas and since his return has been involved in the pharmaceutical, datacentre and heavy industrial and commercial projects in Ireland, and served as Vice President and President of the Electrical Contractors Association (ECA)  and remains active on the ECA I.R. Committee and is also a member of the CIF Cork Branch Executive.

List of Past Presidents

Year President Location
2018 Dominic Doheny Offaly
2017 Dominic Doheny Offaly
2016 Michael Stone Dublin
2015 Michael Stone Dublin
2014 Philip Crampton Dublin
2013 Philip Crampton Dublin
2012 Matthew Gallagher Dublin
2011 Matthew Gallagher Dublin
2010 Andy O’Gorman Cork
2009 Andy O’Gorman Cork
2008 Hank Fogarty Dublin
2007 Hank Fogarty Dublin
2006 Norbert O’Reilly Dublin
2005 Norbert O’Reilly Dublin
2004 Gerald Purcell Galway
2003 Gerald Purcell Galway
2002 Frank McCaffrey Dublin
2001 Frank McCaffrey Dublin
2000 Joe Tiernan Dublin
1999 Joe Tiernan Dublin
1998 Joe Tiernan Dublin
1997 Kevin C Kelly Dublin
1996 Kevin C Kelly Dublin
1995 Pat Harrington Cork
1994 Pat Harrington Cork
1993 Mirette Corboy Mid West
1992 Mirette Corboy Mid West
1991 Pat O’Grady Galway
1990 Oliver Haslette North West
1989 Richard P Treacy Dublin
1988 Ted Fitzgerald Kerry
1987 Reg Bennett Mid West
1986 Oliver O’Mahony Cork
1985 Christopher Jones Dublin
1984 Thomas Gill Galway
1983 Edward C Corbett Cork
1982 Robert Thompson Dublin
1981 Mirette Corboy Mid West
1980 James Brennan PC Galway
1979 Raymond Duffy Midlands
1978 Sidney McConnell Dublin
1977 Richard Keating Cork
1976 John Kane Wicklow
1975 Laurence Leavy Mid West
1974 Sean O’Foighil Galway
1973 J McKone Dublin
1972 J R Carbery Kildare
1971 J J Jennings Dublin
1970 J M O’Connor Cork
1969 John T Paul Dublin
1968 John J Hodge Waterford
1967 James Macken Dublin
1966 N C Rabbitt Galway
1965 Donal O’Sullivan Limerick
1964 J P Wallace Dublin
1963 V K Bowen Cork
1962 J G McCormack Dublin
1961 J G McCormack Dublin
1960 Angus Hamilton Waterford
1959 Thos Moore Cork
1958 Cormac Murray Meath
1957 Peter Thomas Carlow
1956 Ivan Webb Dublin
1955 John J O’Connell Cork
1954 Donal O’Sullivan Limerick
1953 J W Cunningham Donegal
1952 W K Cleere Kilkenny
1951 P J Walsh Dublin
1950 Thos Gough Limerick
1949 Jer Murphy Cork
1948 P F Fearon Dublin
1947 G K Nevin Offaly
1946 T J Kelly Longford
1945 N F McNally Galway
1944 H A Hamilton Waterford
1943 Jos J Healy Louth
1942 John J Dolan Dublin
1941 Danl McCaffrey Limerick
1940 Danl McCaffrey Limerick
1939 Danl McCaffrey Limerick
1938 S J Henly Louth
1937 J Walter Beckett Dublin
1936 Thos. Kelleher Cork
1935 H F McNally Galway