Remedy EAP

Remedy EAP

The Construction Industry Federation and Remedy Clinic have come together offering its members a modern approach to counselling services known as Employee Assistance Programmes.

EAP’s allow anonymous access for CIF member organisation staff into an intervention with a trained professional, to help them resolve personal issues or work related issued and get back to living, working and being well.

Remedy EAP offers a robust intervention, up to 3 times longer than the traditional- EAP providers, allowing a staff member to have a meaningful period of time to work on issues they are experiencing. This EAP was designed by a team with clinical experience, who understand what it takes for interventions to be effective. We work only with Counsellors who have a proven track record in short course work, and are trained specifically in the area of Stress Response and are trained up to and beyond the upcoming regulatory standards.

Remedy EAP is here for your company’s employees in times of excessive stress and demand to support in crises and empower through psycho-educative intervention, helping clients to develop coping tools and mechanisms that they can take forward in their life.

For more information call 0818 919 220  or follow the link below for more detailed information on the collateral benefits for a company engaging with Remedy EAP.