Eight Ways to Win the Fight for Talent in Construction

Eight Ways to Win the Fight for Talent in Construction Dr. Ibrahim Odeh outlines with colleagues some key approaches to help your company win the talent war in construction. Dr

CIF News - 10 Jan 2019
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Planning to maximise return from financial duties doesn’t need to be taxing

The following article explores the aspects of building value and maximising return from taxation. No, don’t switch off because this isn’t one of those financial type pieces designed to dictate

CIF News - 11 Dec 2018
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20 trainees accepted onto Ireland’s first Builder’s Merchants Sales Traineeship

Some 17 men and 3 women have been accepted onto Ireland’s first builder merchant’s sales traineeship programme from CIF Corporate Partner Grafton Merchanting ROI

CIF News - 04 Dec 2018
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Exiting Stage Left? Just make sure you’re financially fit before you do

A deep understanding of the market place, knowing your value and being organised are essential when succession planning, writes Emma Cadden, RSM Ireland’s Transaction Advisory Services Director.

CIF News - 01 Nov 2018
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When it comes to adding value, culture eats strategy for breakfast – RSM Ireland

Changing focus within your workforce can significantly increase the value of your business, writes Catherine Corcoran, Head of Management Consulting at RSM Ireland.

CIF News - 11 Oct 2018
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Acceleration of NDP Critical to solving housing crisis – EY’s Conor Gunn

Conor Gunn, EY Ireland, explains why the timely delivery of core civil infrastructure is essential to the successful delivery of key components of the National Development Plan.

CIF News - 10 Sep 2018
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Are Confidentiality and Transparency Simply two Sides of the Same Coin?

Clare Cashin, Partner at Philip Lee discusses the arbitration process and the benefits of applying transparency.

CIF News - 03 Sep 2018
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Planning to sell your business – what’s your strategy?

Whether you are looking to sell your business now or further down the line there are many issues to consider, Tom Hamilton, Director at Davy Private Clients writes.

CIF News - 23 Aug 2018
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CIF Corporate Partner: Murdock Builders Merchants Strengthening Position in Irish Market

Murdock Builders Merchants was originally established in 1982 with the set-up of Newry Building Supplies ltd in Newry, Co Down. Today it has 13 branches across Northern Ireland and Ireland.

CIF News - 12 Jun 2018
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Construction disputes – 10 things you need to know about the Construction Contracts Act 2013

Recent CIF Corporate Partner Leman Solicitors provide a handy top 10 must know guide to the Construction Contracts Act 2013.

CIF News - 12 Jun 2018
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