A Home for Everyone

CIF Design Challenge 2021

A Home for Everyone


Could you design a house for everyone?

Look around where you live: the construction industry has designed and built everything you see. Your school, the roads you travel, hospitals, the streets and shops of your town. Even your home was designed and built by people working in the construction industry.

Today, Ireland faces challenges: a housing shortage, climate change, Covid and building inclusive communities.

The Construction Industry Federation invites you to participate in designing ‘A Home for Everyone’. The winning team will present their home design to the Construction Industry Federation (CIF), the Minister for Housing and others and win prizes for their school and themselves.

The Challenge

Before accepting the challenge to design a ‘Home for Everyone’ consider the following as a team


Could your house be built easily, quickly and in large numbers?


Will your house be climate-friendly?


Can differently-abled, elderly, diverse types of people live in your house?


What materials and house design will be affordable for people?


How does your home add to your community?


How might technology aid the people who live in your house?

Competition Information

This years competition runs from 5th October 2020 – 19th March 2021

1. Describe your construction project team and their role and responsibilities

2. Create a bubble diagram that meets the design brief

  • Produce bubble diagrams to identify and develop spaces
  • Explain and justify your decisions in terms of key spaces/rooms/zones

3. Create a series of drawings conveying the final proposal, including a site plan, elevations and floor plans

  • Produce a series of drawings that clearly present the design
  • Make sure your drawings are accurate and to a suitable scale
  • Include key building dimensions

4. Develop a digital or physical scale model

  • Use an appropriate software to produce a digital model
  • Use classroom or materials from home to create a physical model Ensure your model is to scale and in proportion

5. Produce a written project report

  • Produce a clear and concise report that describes your design and how you have met considerations and criteria – maximum 6 A4 sides
  • Use appropriate language and content
  • Deliver your report professionally

To win the competition, your house design must:

  • Include three bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen
  • Fit on a 16m x 35m* plot of land
  • Include a parking space
  • Include outside space
  • Be energy efficient

Please click here to submit your entry.

The winning team will:

  • Join construction professionals for a VR masterclass to develop their winning entry into an industry standard 3D, virtual reality model
  • Present their design to the Minister for Housing, Technological University Dublin and the Construction Industry Federation
  • The school / centre will receive €5,000 worth of installed Wi-Fi equipment sponsored by Kedington Group
  • The school / Centre will received laser measuring equipment, a laser level and a masterclass in the equipment’s use, sponsored by Topcon Positioning Ireland
  • Eligible for the CIF Scholarship/Apprenticeship Placement initiative (T&Cs apply)

On 5 February 2021 we had a Q&A session with industry professionals where students and teachers had the chance to ask questions regarding their competition entry.

Please click here to view the written transcript.

Hand-drawn or digital – the choice is yours

  • If you’re good with pens and pencils, get creative on paper.
  • If you prefer a digital approach, you can use any drawing/ modelling software to present your designs. Just make sure you can submit them in PDF format.

Plan carefully

It may help you to use graph paper for your plans.

Keep an eye on scale

  • When doing your plans and drawings, think about an appropriate scale for the size of paper you are using.
  • A friendly design technology and/or maths teacher can help here!

Get a professional helping hand

  • Get insights from built environment professionals in your community.
  • Need a hand? CIF will endeavour to connect you with a construction firm operating in your vicinity. Please contact us by email at [email protected]

Get talking about inclusion

Get your team together for a discussion about what “inclusive design” means for ANYONE and EVERYONE in your community. You can use the links in the design brief to help get you started, but please do your own research!

Check you’ve met the criteria

  • The house must have three bedrooms
  • It must be on a plot of land that is 16m x 35m • It must include parking for a vehicle
  • It must include outside space
  • How could technology improve people’s lives?

CIF have produced a webinar to give guidance for members. Please click here to view.

Press Release, 21/12/2020

Ardgillian Community College to Compete with Over 100 Teams from Schools Nationwide to ‘Design A Home for Everyone’.

  • Dermot Bannon, Architect and Host of the “Room to Improve” TV series
  • Carole Smillie, Director, BPL Management
  • Frank Kelly, CIF President
  • Orna Hanly, Head of Dublin School of Architecture, TU Dublin
  • Alison Watson MBE, CEO, Class of Your Own
  • John Sweeney, Senior Contracts Manager, Collen Construction

The competition deadline was the 19th of March 2021. All submitted projects are currently under review and a shortlist will be created in the next few weeks. The judging panel will then collectively select a winner for the competition which will be announced at the awards ceremony.

On the 30th of April 2021, from 11:00-12:00, CIF will be hosting a Virtual Awards Ceremony for the competition. All schools, students and sponsors who participated in the competition will be invited to register for the ceremony. The ceremony will be approximately 1 hour long including interviews and speeches from guest speakers, videos from the finalists and the announcement of the competition winner. More details on the event will be sent by email and posted on the website within the next few weeks.

To register for the virtual awards ceremony please click here: https://cifchallenge.ie/

Competition Videos

Competition Pictures

Competition FAQs

This competition is open to all senior cycle students in Secondary Schools, Youthreach and Community Training Centres.

A team can enter even if their school is not taking part in the competition. Just register your team using the online form provided and submit your entry by 19th March.

Schools/Centres can enter more than one team – maximum 10 students per team.

CIF members will be on hand to provide guidance to teams in their local areas – see www.cif.ie for more details.

All entries will receive a Certificate of Achievement.

On 30th April 2021 CIF will be hosting a Virtual Awards Ceremony where the competition winner will be announced.

To register for the virtual awards ceremony please click here: https://cifchallenge.ie/

Due to the closure of schools because of Covid-19, the closing date has been extended for a second time from 1st March to 19th March.