LVDP Consultation

Adjudication Ireland: Low Value Disputes Procedure

Following a workshop facilitated by the Construction Contracts Adjudication Service in July 2022 to review the ongoing operation of the Construction Contracts Act 2013 and the supporting Code of Practice, a group of stakeholders convened to establish the merits and potential format for a model Low Value Disputes Procedure (“LVDP”) to support the application of adjudication in Ireland.

The key objectives of the LVDP are to set out a streamlined adjudication procedure for low value disputes, to help ensure that the Adjudicator’s fee is commensurate with the disputed amount, and where desired to provide certainty as to how much the Adjudicator will be paid for making an Adjudicator’s Decision. By including an outline timetable for the procedural stages, it provides a flexible yet simple to understand approach to the key elements of the adjudication process. On behalf of its members, the Construction Industry Federation is taking an active role as a Participating Organisation

The Working Group wishes to consult with the construction industry and other stakeholders to give everyone the opportunity to make the LVDP the best that it can be. The consultation offers interested parties an opportunity to discuss and shape the LVDP, and enable the Working Group to gauge the degree of industry support for this initiative. The consultation period will end on Friday 15th September 2023.

The LVDP can be downloaded here. All commentary and feedback to be sent to [email protected], all responses will be acknowledged.

Niall Lawless, Chair of the LVDP Working Group says: “The aim of the Adjudication Ireland: LVDP is to provide SMEs and individuals who might not otherwise use adjudication, with a simple timetable and procedure for low value disputes, the LVDP will be relatively low cost to use and at the outset the parties can have a clearer understanding as to what the adjudicator’s fees will be. The Adjudication Ireland: LVDP offers the construction industry the opportunity to reinforce confidence in adjudication as a method for deciding straightforward low value disputes.”

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